How Solar Christmas Lights Function

Christmas is around the corner, and homeowners are looking for creative ways to decorate their homes. One way to do this is by investing in Christmas lights. However, these lights come with a high electric bill and may not be very friendly to the environment. Luckily, Solar Christmas Lights are an affordable way to illuminate your home during the Christmas festivities. These lights will help you have an anxiety-free and even environment-friendly Christmas celebration. Find out how solar Christmas lights function below.

How Do The Solar Christmas Lights Function?

Solar Christmas lights work like regular LED Christmas lights. However, instead of using the main electric outlet as a power source, these lights utilize a solar panel set-up. A dark panel receives the sun’s rays and then converts them to DC electricity.

The light bulbs are LEDs and, they require DC. DC electricity needs storage, and this is where a battery comes in handy. The only additional required circuit in between the lights and the battery is the switching circuit.

A great feature of solar Christmas lights is that they remain off while absorbing energy in the daytime. When nighttime comes, and the energy absorption of the panel is minimal, the lights will remain on through a particular switch called ‘photoreceptor.’

Additionally, there is no need to worry whether the battery will drain fast. This is because these lights use LED bulbs, which are the most energy-efficient illuminators. Besides, you can choose Solar Christmas Lights with easily removable batteries and install another one so that your solar panel can have storage.

If the battery completely drains during the night, you can connect the solar Christmas lights to the main outlet. In other words, Christmas lights can have two power sources, but you cannot use them simultaneously due to the switches.

Where Do You Install Solar Christmas Lights?

The lights themselves can be installed anywhere you please since they don’t require an extension cord like other lights to work effectively. You need to ensure that the solar panels get direct exposure to sunlight for optimal charging. You can place the panel near the roof or outside or in trees.

solar light in christmas tree

The energy absorption will decrease when it is very cloudy, rainy, or snowy days. Nonetheless, the panels will still be able to charge if given a longer time fully. Also, you should avoid placing these lights on dry trees to prevent the risk of fire hazards and clean the panel regularly.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Solar Christmas Lights?

Using solar Christmas lights can bring you savings on energy. You will not use the outlet since these lights are designed to rely on sunlight as an energy source. However, this can only apply to Christmas lights. Nonetheless, modifications are encouraged for all-around usage.

Another benefit of these lights is reducing the carbon footprint. Since you are not availing the energy from the main outlet, you also save some work from the power plants. Although the impact is insignificant, you can encourage the whole community to do this for substantial results.


Solar Christmas Lights are a cost-effective way to brighten your Christmas festivities without incurring hefty bills. When choosing these lights, do not forget to factor in the brand’s quality since one of the main causes of fire is an electrical failure. Purchase those that are tried and tested or from known electric brands.

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