We enlisted seven (7) steps for you to be able to connect with us:

Pre-construction consultation

We want to take advantage of the time to amplify your residential home and fill it with solar energy that performs in the best possible way.


Discuss with us your terms and budget so adjustments and customizations can be further determined.

Design and Installation

Making use of our extensive software and team of individuals will help you achieve the residential solar panels of your dreams.

Project Management

With us, you don’t have to worry about the paperwork involved with your new solar system installation, as we’ll handle it for you. From utility interconnection agreements to all necessary permits, we will handle it.


Ensuring the maintenance of solar panels in your residential house will benefit you in the long run.

All-Day Monitoring

To ensure the top-tier performance of your new system, our installation comes with a handy way to monitor your solar system installation, showing you in real-time your consumption as well as your savings.

Lifetime Consultation

Our lifetime consultation with you will make you realize how solar energy power makes way to a sustainable Earth.