Here at Residential Solar Panels, we offer the following services:

1. Install rooftop solar panels and backup home battery systems like the following:

  1. Tesla Powerwall
  2. Kohler Generator
  3. Off-grid solar power systems

2. Apply the best services by having a consultation before construction to determine better which strategy works best for your residential home. This is a common procedure that requires us to talk with your contractor or builder. This way, your residential home will have the support it needs with your new solar panels.

3. Provide solar energy systems in terms of ground mounts and solar carports. Our priority is to make sure how the solar energy system works well in your residential home.

4. Offer a lifetime warranty! Here at Residential Solar Panels, we believe in giving back the best value for our clients. You have made your part in helping the environment with your choice of installing solar panels. Now, let us give back to you. This lifetime warranty includes unlimited consultations every weekday from 13:00 onwards, with no interruptions.

Here at Residential Solar Panels, we believe you have the right mindset to set things through; we aid you in it. We help you improve your ideas and design to ensure the proper system application of solar power systems in your residential home.

Your choice now matters. Make use of our services and see how you can impact the environment on a whole new level.