We value your choice to become the next savior of planet Earth. By installing solar panels to replace your power or energy source, rest assured we will guide you to continue your journey towards this big environmental impact.

Making use of a layout and contractors’ coordination, we believe we can achieve a conscious community concerning commercial solar installations.


We believe projects like commercial solar installations should not use cheap materials to ensure that the highest quality possible is maintained.

With that being said, we still are adamant about sticking within your budget and all other adjustments needed. Making sure that your federal income taxes are reduced, we do our part to make your investment in Residential Solar Panels a beneficial choice while making a big environmental impact.

Legal Requirements

Because you’ve done your part, we want you to rest easy as we take care of the paperwork.

Residential Solar Panels are experts at handling all kinds of utility agreements regarding interconnection, metering applications, and all local building permits. We make sure to prioritize your rebate incentives to the local government units so you can peacefully take care of your income tax.

Design & Installation

Here at Residential Solar Panels, we give you full liberty to design the way you envision your community. With the help of our team of electricians, builders, and contractors, we make sure that you get the right service while still keeping your minimalist and elegant touch in terms of the layout of systems, and more.