It all started when an esteemed group of individuals challenged themselves to change the game to win a better living experience on Earth.

By making sure to source materials that are high-quality and top-notch, our team at Residential Solar Panels will provide you with the best solar panel installation service and of course, a product that sustains electricity in your residential homes –the Residential Solar Panel.

Our Philosophy

As a company, we take pride in producing solar panels all for the aim of helping the planet become a habitable future until 2030 and beyond. We also aim to debunk myths about solar energy and solar panels and instead help solve problems to build a sustainable Earth.

By helping to give back and contribute to a better society, we believe our philosophy benefits not only the individuals we work with but more importantly, the planet we live in.

Our Values

As the sole solar contractor of power in the area, we strive to bring positive environmental and financial impacts on the lives of people. Our products and services are made and applied as some of the highest quality products and services in the market.

We aim to provide a better way of power source to residential homes which can be developed into a sustainable community.