Tips on Finding a Solar Panel Installer

Perhaps you are a homeowner who has assembled your own solar panels but do not relish the task of installing them on your roof. Maybe you are a contractor who needs to install solar energy panels for a building you are constructing.

Either way, you would like to find a good solar installer to handle the chore for you. You can rest easy, for there are many ways to locate a qualified solar panel installer for your job.

One online site that may be beneficial to you is the one operated by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, or NABCEP. This board offers voluntary solar installer accreditation and maintains an online directory of qualified individuals and companies.

Simply go to and click the “Installer Locator” link on their home page. You will then be able to search by state or zip code to find a solar panel installation company in your area.

The Department of Energy’s “Homebuilders Guide to Going Solar” recommends the website for Solar Estimate. This organization claims to have the largest online database of certified and pre-screened renewable energy contractors and professionals.

Their “Find a Pro” option allows users to select the categories of interest, enter a zip code, and receive a list of nearby certified solar installers. There are also tools for estimating the practicality of renewable energy for your situation. Their website address is

You can also find installers at This company is a major retailer of solar panels and other forms of renewable energy equipment, but they also have a database of solar panel installation companies that you can search by state.

Find Solar is a website operated in partnership with Cooler Planet and the American Solar Energy Society. Visitors simply enter the zip code for the project on the home page and can then browse a list of pre-screened solar installers in that area.

Their website is Information can also be found at Cooler Planet’s website, which includes a calculator to estimate your costs and benefits. That URL is

With each evolution in building technology, existing companies have found the need to acquire new skills. In days gone by, electricians had to learn how to install wiring for ranges, HVAC professionals were required to deal with central air systems, and both professions have expanded their bases significantly.

Because solar panel installation can overlap into their areas, many of these companies have added it to their existing skills. While some have learned as they went, others have taken steps to become fully accredited solar panel installation companies. Therefore, you may be able to locate an installer in your area simply by perusing the ads in the phone book and then calling the Better Business Bureau for information on the company.

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