The US Can Decrease Energy Prices

There really is a way to force down energy prices in the United States. Everyone complains about energy prices, no one does anything about it. That is because no one know what to do. It’s like most other concerns here and anywhere else. People are frustrated with a certain situation, then the frustration escalates becomes they feel powerless to make a change. The concerns with energy are no different. Energy prices keep going up and up. Citizens are upset because wage are not increasing to keep up with expenses. Exasperation increases because everyone feels caught, controlled, with no recourse to take.

Let’s take a look at what Germany is doing to decrease energy prices, and see if we might do the same. Even though seven nuclear reactors have recently been shut down, Germany continues to export electricity. How does this happen? The answer is found in four words, “continued renewable energy expansion.” We need to look at the forms of energy that are renewable. Germany is doing it. They are driving down energy prices because they have produced enough electricity that most can be exported. This addition revenue to the country makes it possible to lower energy prices in Germany. Let’s follow suit.

There as been some talk in the United States and in some other North American countries that Germany has had to rely on imported electricity because of the shut-down of German nuclear plants. This has been shown to be entirely false since the Bureau of Statistics in Germany reported that more electricity was exported from Germany in the first six months of 2011 than the amount of electricity that was imported during this time. It has also been reported that Germany consumes more than 300 TWH or terawatt-hours, every six months. The surplus that can be exported in only about 1% of the energy that is used there.

With Germany’s plans to add 7,000 megawatts of wind and solar energy in the year 2013 the futures markets for fossil fuel is being affected. This solar-based energy production alone is growing rapidly, mostly because of feed-in tariff supports which are providing government subsidies to help the program along.

Is this a program the United States could benefit from? Would government-supported, taxpayer-funded subsidies boost the production of wind and solar energy? Could this increase in energy production bring about a decrease in the price of energy here? It’s worth looking into.

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