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Residential Solar Inverters

What is a Solar Panel Inverter?

A solar panel inverter is a device that converts the Direct Current (DC) generated by solar panels to Alternating Current (AC), which is the type of electricity used by household appliances and electronic devices. The inverter also converts the voltage generated by the solar panel from 12 volts DC, to 110 or 220 volts AC, in U.S. applications.

Types of Solar Inverters

– Off Grid Inverter

This type of inverter is used with an off-grid solar power system. Also called a stand alone system, the off-grid system is not connected to the electrical power grid. Off-grid systems connect the solar panels to a bank of DC storage batteries, with the inverter placed in-line between the batteries and the breaker box that distributes power to your home. The inverter draws DC current from the batteries as needed, converting it to usable AC current.

– Grid Tie Inverter

A grid tie inverter connects directly to the solar panels, converting the DC electricity to AC, then sending it directly to the breaker box for household consumption. Grid tie inverters work in tandem with the electric grid so can be configured for net-metering, allowing excess electricity to be sold to the utility company.

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Review of Solar Hot Water Kits

For individuals and families trying to go green, a solar water heater is an excellent investment. It helps you save on electricity or gas, depending on what type of water heater you have, and it is eligible for a number of tax rebates and credits so you end up saving that money for cheaper or even for free.

As one of the largest energy consumers in your home, a conventional hot water tank is pretty wasteful. A hot water tank has to heat up all the water in the tank just to use a fraction of it, and then when the water gets cold, it has to expend the energy to heat it all up again. By harnessing the sun’s energy, you don’t need to see high electricity or gas bills again. According to Energy Star, a solar water heater can cut your water heating costs in half or even more.

Using solar power to heat your water is cost-effective, energy efficient, and, after an initial investment, free. The technology for solar hot water heating has been around for more than fifty years, and in some parts of the world – notably Israel – solar hot water heaters are quite common. Below, you’ll find a closer look at how solar hot water heating works, what types of set-ups are available, and pros and cons.

Technical Details
The two basic components of a solar hot water heater are the storage tank and the solar collector. The tank itself, like other hot water heaters, should be well-insulated, with an outlet and inlet that feeds into the solar collector. Some solar hot water heaters are two-tank set-ups, with a tank that pre-heats water, then feeds it into a regular water heater.

solar water heater

Additionally, you can opt for a passive solar water heating system, or an active solar water heating system. The active type includes controls and circulating pumps, whereas the passive system does not. In a passive system, you literally use the sun itself to heat the water directly, without relying upon a solar panel.

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Review of the Sanyo 3.36 kW Solar Array Electrical System

Review of the Sanyo 3.36 kW Solar Array Electrical System

This solar power system includes:
– sixteen Sanyo HIP-210NKHA5 (210W) Photo voltaic Modules
– SMA SB3000US Grid-tie Inverter
– Rail, Clamp & Splice Installation System (Portrait Format)
– Alternating current Disconnect, MC Cables, Ground Lugs & Wiring Plan

Solar Array Area: 221 Sq. Ft.
Solar Module Dimensions: 62.2″ x 31.4″ x 1.8″

The HIP-210NKHA5 Pv Module

– 210 W Maximum Output
– Cell Performance: 18.9%
– Module Performance: 16.7%
– five Yr Craftsmanship Guarantee, twenty Year Electrical power Output

Hybrid mono crystalline silicon together with amorphous silicon layers
HIT® Power solar power panels are usually leaders in sunlight transformation performance. Get optimum energy in just a fixed quantity of area. Cut costs making use of much less system parts and racking materials, as well as decrease expenses simply by spending a shorter period installing per w.

The SANYO HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) photo voltaic cell consists of a single thin crystalline silicon wafer between ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. The item offers industry-leading efficiency as well as value making use of state-of-the-art production methods.

HIT solar cells enhance boundary qualities and decrease energy generation deficits through forming impurity-free i-type amorphous silicon layers between the crystalline base and p- and n-type amorphous silicon layers.

Since temperatures increase, HIT Power solar panel systems generate 10% or more electrical power (kWh) compared to traditional crystalline silicon solar power systems on the exact same temperature.

The SMA Sunny Boy Photo voltaic Grid-Tie System Inverter

– Gives 3000W AC Maximum Output Electrical power
– Top CEC performance in its class
– Built-in load-break rated lockable Power disconnect switch
– Built-in fused series string combiner
– Sealed electronics enclosure & Opticool
– Extensive SMA communications and data collection alternatives
– 120 month standard guarantee

Best parts:
– Well suited for home or light professional applications
– Long lasting cast light weight aluminum outdoor rated enclosure
– UL 1741/IEEE-1547 compliant
– Field-configurable for positive ground systems
– Elevated performance for better performance and quicker ROI paybacks
– Sunny Boy known for Photo voltaic inverter performance and reliabilty

The true secret performance benefit associated with the Square D safety switch is being able to break load. A locked motor can draw 6 to 8 times motor full-load current. In emergency situations, it’s vital that you use a switch with enhanced load break capability.

Review of the Sharp 4.70 kW Solar System

This particular PV system consists of:
• 20 Sharp NU-U235F1 (235W) Photo voltaic Modules
• Photovoltaic Powered PVP4800 Grid-tie Inverter
• Rail, Clamp & Splice Installation System (Portrait Format)
• Alternating current Disconnect, MC Cables, Ground Lugs & Wiring Diagram

Pv Array Area: 358 Sq. Ft.
Photo voltaic Module Dimensions: 64.6″ x 39.1″ x 1.8″

Sharp NU-U235F1 – Multi-Purpose 235 w module from the international trustworthy supply regarding photo voltaic.

Making use of breakthrough technologies, made possible by nearly fifty years of private study as well as development, Sharp’s NU-235F1 photo voltaic module includes a sophisticated area texturing method in order to boost light absorption as well as enhance performance.

Typical applications include industrial and home grid-tied roof systems as well as ground installed arrays. Created to withstand rigorous operating conditions, this particular module offers high electrical power output per square foot of solar array.
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