Solar Powered Christmas Lights: the Basics

Traditional holiday Christmas lights are quickly becoming antiquated. New technology, utilizing growing advances in solar energy, is creating a stream of reasonably priced and cost saving Christmas lights.

Solar Christmas lights are rapidly expanding commodities. Reliability, eco-friendliness, and cost-efficiency over traditional Christmas light bulbs contribute to solar power lights rapid expansion. A solar panel, containing a photovoltaic cell converts sunlight into an electrical current. This current is then transferred to a battery, ensuring the Christmas lights can run all night long. The battery then transfers current and lights the LED bulbs, with a burn life fall longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

These relatively inexpensive bulbs run completely autonomously. No electricity current is needed for the bulbs to operate, and for this reason electricity is conserved. In addition to cutting down environmental waste associated with electricity usage, these bulbs also end up saving a significant amount of money. On average, Christmas lights electricity run between $20 and $25 per month of usage for one average sized set of Christmas lights. This price varies directly with the amount of Christmas lights used.

Compared to the cost of using traditional Christmas lights, solar light bulbs can more than pay for themselves throughout the course of a month. Expect energy bills to decrease by as much as 20 percent during holiday seasons while using solar powered Christmas lights.
Solar panel Christmas lights are also more convenient than their old-fashioned peers. Extension cords are no longer needed, and the new LED bulbs are significantly less likely to burn out than traditional incandescent bulbs. Also, solar Christmas lights utilize a completely environmentally friendly and renewable resource, sunlight. Solar Christmas lights emit zero greenhouse gases and carbon emission, making them much more environmentally friendly than traditional Christmas lights.

Solar power Christmas light come in all varieties, specialized for outdoor use as sunlight is not available in the necessary quantity indoors. Traditional solar Christmas lights consist of 100 bulbs producing a LED white light. Available for less than $30, these basic bulbs consistently pay for themselves within a season due to reduced electricity bills. Solar Christmas lights, however, also come in many different shapes and sizes. From webbed to multicolored, solar Christmas light come in almost every shape imaginable.

Solar Christmas lights offer almost every conceivable advantage over traditional Christmas lights. In addition to being more eco-friendly, solar Christmas lights have a longer bulb life, do not need extension cords, can be place where running electricity from an outlet is inconvenient or impossible, and significantly lower electricity bills during holiday months.

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  1. elaine huff

    I Live in new york city in a mitchell-lama development as a shareholder we been ask pay $ 34.82 peroom per month.for six months.water,stream,electric,gas. I think we start save our self money if we can start with holiday solar lighting.them we can save more money by change all the light that cover our development grounds. because we are spending to much money replace lightbuilds on these grounds.

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