How to Make Your Own Solar Light?

There are a few ways to learn how to make your own solar light. I will tell you about the easiest way to make it that will not cost a lot of money. Solar lights are good because you can use them in rooms in your house as well as outside for decoration and lighting.

Before you start making your solar light, you will need to go out and buy some stuff. Depending on how many solar lights you want to make you can just buy multiples of the following. First you will need a clear jar that has a lid. Just make sure it is a decent size because you will be assembling things inside of it.

Next, you will need some frosting spray and Blue Tak. Lastly, you will be buying single solar lights that come with single battery operation. To assemble, you will first spray the frosting spray into the jar. After it dries, you will then take the solar panel and battery pack out of the solar lamp and attach it to to inside of the lid using Blue Tak. Now all you have to do is reassemble the jar and you are finished. Enjoy it because you just learned how to make your own solar light.

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