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How to Build a Car Radiator Solar Heater ?

A car radiator makes a sturdy, cheap, solar heater. These simple steps will produce a basic design suitable for use as solar water pre-heater.

What materials and tools will I need?
This basic design requires one car radiator, flushed, pressurized to check for leaks and repaired, if necessary. Two rubber radiator hoses and two hose clamps used to attach the radiator in series with the water supply. Finally, black spray paint completes the list of materials. Tools required include a straight screwdriver and a rubber mallet.
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DIY: How to Build Your Own Solar Hot Water Heating System

The Most Recommended Solar Panels Are:

With the increase in the interest of having a “green” society, the topic of solar power as a source of heat is a hot one. There are different methods of achieving this, as well as different things to use the solar power on as a heat conductor.

What follows is a synopsis of some of these methods and some insight as to what one might need when interested in using this kind of natural power for heating purposes.

How to Make a Solar Water Heater ?

Depending on the method of solar heating used, here is a list of some things you may need to have when using solar heating of water.

  1. One or more 100 feet long black garden hoses
  2. One or more 50 feet long black garden hoses
  3. Southern exposure. The roof is the preferred place of southern exposure if feasible
  4. 30 gallon clean black plastic barrel with spigot
  5. Four 4×6 treated posts, eight feet long in length
  6. Concrete Mix
  7. 3X3 sheet of one inch thick plywood
  8. Four 2 by 4’s, 3 feet in length
  9. Sixteen carriage bolts with lock washer,washer, and acorn nut
  10. A post hole digger
  11. Four 4×6’s, three feet in length

Both methods don’t require all of these things, but we will put this together with the following methods so you can see what material you will need for each.

1° Method

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Review of Solar Hot Water Kits

For individuals and families trying to go green, a solar water heater is an excellent investment. It helps you save on electricity or gas, depending on what type of water heater you have, and it is eligible for a number of tax rebates and credits so you end up saving that money for cheaper or even for free.

As one of the largest energy consumers in your home, a conventional hot water tank is pretty wasteful. A hot water tank has to heat up all the water in the tank just to use a fraction of it, and then when the water gets cold, it has to expend the energy to heat it all up again. By harnessing the sun’s energy, you don’t need to see high electricity or gas bills again. According to Energy Star, a solar water heater can cut your water heating costs in half or even more.

Using solar power to heat your water is cost-effective, energy efficient, and, after an initial investment, free. The technology for solar hot water heating has been around for more than fifty years, and in some parts of the world – notably Israel – solar hot water heaters are quite common. Below, you’ll find a closer look at how solar hot water heating works, what types of set-ups are available, and pros and cons.

Technical Details
The two basic components of a solar hot water heater are the storage tank and the solar collector. The tank itself, like other hot water heaters, should be well-insulated, with an outlet and inlet that feeds into the solar collector. Some solar hot water heaters are two-tank set-ups, with a tank that pre-heats water, then feeds it into a regular water heater.

solar water heater

Additionally, you can opt for a passive solar water heating system, or an active solar water heating system. The active type includes controls and circulating pumps, whereas the passive system does not. In a passive system, you literally use the sun itself to heat the water directly, without relying upon a solar panel.

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