How To Make Solar Heat Panels

Solar heat panels can be easily and inexpensively made to help reduce the cost of heating your home by using the power of the sun. This project most directly benefits houses with a south facing room as that will be the strongest sunlight available.

Making a solar heat panel can be as simple as modifying old aluminum storm windows to absorb the heat and send it into a room through a vent or through a window. If using a window to bring the warmed air in, you’ll need to ensure that the opening is air tight around the vent. Otherwise the warm air coming in will quickly be replaced by the cold air that is coming in as well.

Using an old aluminum window, a piece of foil backed insulation, and a vent into the room, the window with the foil backed absorbs the heat from the sun and a some fan can draw the warmed air into the room where the vent is placed. Granted, it is a bit more complicated than that, but that is the basic plan. The window catching the rays must be angled to be able to absorb the heat and the vent into the room must be sealed tightly to prevent cold air from also coming in.

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