DIY Solar System Will Save You Money

Many homeowners want to go green. They want to end their reliance on an electric system that is contributing to global warming. At the same time, many people are struggling with the high cost of energy. The concern over global warming and the high cost of electricity are both expected to become bigger problems in the coming years.

Going solar is obviously a great option no matter where a home is located. The problem is the cost of buying and installing solar panels. As long as the cost is too high, home owners simply won’t consider it.

One alternative to the cost prohibition is to take a bite out of it: do it yourself. Start small and install as much solar equipment as you can afford. Then over time, buy and install more solar panels. This approach can begin to save you money which will allow you to keep growing your solar capability.

Current home owners who have ventured into DIY solar have determined that the goal isn’t full electric generation. Instead, they have recommended that solar should be tied into your current system. Over time, if you are successful with installation, you can purchase more materials and add more solar capability.

Basic Tips

  1. Find an online Renewable Energy Calculator that will help determine how much power your home needs. (Try to buy enough solar equipment to produce at least 25 percent or more of your power.)
  2. Determine an area, facing south, where the solar panels can recieve a minimum of six hours during peak sunshine hours. To determine this, determine when the sun is at its peak and estimate three hours on each side of that daylight hour. Make certain the panels will never be shaded during this peak period. If there is no place that can get six hours of direct sunlight during the peak hours, then you may not want to proceed.
  3. Try to avoid putting the panels on the roof. This makes the entire process more difficult and dangerous.
  4. Use a concrete mixer and set the frame in the ground where it cannot tip over.
  5. Do not work alone. The panels are breakable and expensive. It takes at least two people to handle them successfully.
  6. Be careful. The system will heat as soon as the sun touchs the first PV panel.
  7. If the wiring is too difficult, turn to a professional electrician to finish the job.

4 thoughts on “DIY Solar System Will Save You Money

  1. Wiley Evans

    I am designing a efficient solar PV system for my home in Roseville, California. I requested your free solar power course, but I do not know how long before I received it? Could you give me an idea? I must first change out my service panel to a 200 amp panel in the next two weeks and would like to purchase a electrical service and prepare a electrical gutter to size for the future surface mount solar inverter, a disconnect, and conduit to LB into my attic.

  2. M Sheikh

    Quite interested to adopt solar power, and always looking for such courses.
    I will be a nice chance to get it from you

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