How Much Can you Sell Solar Power Back to the Grid?

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Electric companies do not buy back power. Simply, they do not need it. What you can do, on the other hand, it start accumulating credit with your electrical company against your utility bill. Your goal is to save up enough energy during the day from your solar panels to make up for the electricity that you use at night.

Your main goal with producing solar energy is to produce as much energy as your consume, or become “net zero”. If you are planning on building up a solar farm, you have other options. You could possibly work with your utility company for a power purchase agreement. Doing this can help get you approved for state rebates.

To start a power purchase agreement, you will have to start filling out paperwork to get approved. One of the first things that you will have to submit is your current electric bills. This is to show what your normal consumption is. If you get approved, you could get some solar renewable energy credits for every megawatt hour you are producing. If your state offers money for these credits, it could add up to some nice pay for you.

3 thoughts on “How Much Can you Sell Solar Power Back to the Grid?

  1. Jim Kinney

    Actually in the Tennessee Valley area individuals who install 2kw or more can sell their energy produced to the utility companies on an 10 year contract. The option to get a contract ends in 2016.
    The payment in most cases is more that twice the purchase price.

  2. tovey grissom

    I talked to the indiana Reglatory comission, about selling electric to the electric company and they told me that you could, You had to join the metering program and do everything to code. now i read your statment. and you say you can’t. What ‘s up. Thank you

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