Saving Electricity – The Easy Way

At the point in time electricity became a necessity, the lines of energy conservation began to blur. Today, there are many options that not only save electricity but reduce the residual footprint of energy use. It’s a matter of rethinking lifestyles in a way that doesn’t add inconvenience or increased labor involved in ordinary daily activities. Even the most conscious efforts to saving electricity can become pleasurable experiences.

Saving Electricity The KISS Way
There’s a second meaning to KISS: Keep It Simple Savings. Saving electricity may be as simple as reliving simple life pleasures. What can be more comforting after a hectic day at the office than a tranquil candlelight dinner for two, or for one? Even kids don’t mind roughing it like this one or two nights a week at dinner. They may even look forward to it. At the end of the day, a bath or shower by candlelight is one great way to be good to yourself and indulge in a lovely, half hour of soothing “Me Time”.

Daily Living And Saving Electricity
Having a fun weekend camping or enjoying the wilderness is another way to learn to live simply without electricity. When you return to your home base, use all of nature’s ideas to help decorate your home more simply. Instead of an electrical room atomizer, try creating your own fragrance oils from pine sap, lemon or orange rind or a floral blend for a potpourri. Store young pine cones or eucalyptus leaves in decorative jars.

Line Drying Laundry
Drying laundry on an outdoor line saves on electricity. Choose a lovely sunny day and try just a few items of clothing at first. Make use of a portable line for smaller laundry pieces for drying indoors. Try this once or twice a week at first. It can be habit forming. When drying clothes in an electric or natural gas dryer, remove the clothing immediately to cut down on use of the electric iron.

Saving Electricity One Watt At A Time
One of the simplest ways to save electricity is to make sure lights are switched off when not in use. This is also a safety feature as well. Many new power surge protectors also have an energy saver feature. Check these before you buy. Unplug appliances when not in use. This also applies to washers, dryers, toasters and table lamps.

One thought on “Saving Electricity – The Easy Way

  1. Meg

    Currently when there is a power outage I am unable to access water from my well or generate sufficient power to ensure my freezer is ok. I wonder if there is a battery I could purchase now (when I have little money) and maybe connect it up to a PV panel (once I can afford one). Pumps require a fair bit of juice??
    Any ideas?

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