Review of the Sharp 4.70 kW Solar System

This particular PV system consists of:
• 20 Sharp NU-U235F1 (235W) Photo voltaic Modules
• Photovoltaic Powered PVP4800 Grid-tie Inverter
• Rail, Clamp & Splice Installation System (Portrait Format)
• Alternating current Disconnect, MC Cables, Ground Lugs & Wiring Diagram

Pv Array Area: 358 Sq. Ft.
Photo voltaic Module Dimensions: 64.6″ x 39.1″ x 1.8″

Sharp NU-U235F1 – Multi-Purpose 235 w module from the international trustworthy supply regarding photo voltaic.

Making use of breakthrough technologies, made possible by nearly fifty years of private study as well as development, Sharp’s NU-235F1 photo voltaic module includes a sophisticated area texturing method in order to boost light absorption as well as enhance performance.

Typical applications include industrial and home grid-tied roof systems as well as ground installed arrays. Created to withstand rigorous operating conditions, this particular module offers high electrical power output per square foot of solar array.

Photovoltaic Driven Home Grid-Tie Solar System Inverter PVP4800

* Built-in Alternating current and DC PV Disconnect
* CEC Weighted Performance: 96%
* Simple Installment via reduced interconnections and optimally placed knockouts
* Factory incorporated inverter and Photo voltaic System Disconnect removes the need for additional equipment
* Field-configurable inverter grounding schema with easy jumper selection
* RMA plan includes $400 purchase credit score or $150 service reimbursement

2 thoughts on “Review of the Sharp 4.70 kW Solar System

  1. satyakant dixit

    i need a solar plant for home who`s running about 10 fans,15 40wat cfl and one water heater also these one waterpump

  2. Jim Kinney

    With our panels you dont need :
    Photovoltaic Powered PVP4800 Grid-tie Inverter
    Rail, Clamp & Splice Installation System (Portrait Format)
    Our solar system can be improved and grown over time easier.

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