Which One is Better? Amorphous or Crystalline Solar Panel ?

When it comes to choosing solar panels you will find there are two major categories: amorphous and crystalline. Both of these technologies have been around for years and they each have different ways of covering your roof and collecting solar energy. So, which one is the best? It really comes down to what you are looking for.

Roof Space

The amount of roof space used is very important with solar panels. If the solar panel uses too much space then you won’t have room for more panels. You need to use more space with amorphous panels than with crystalline because the panels are larger and bulkier.

If you want to install a few solar panels without taking up much of your roof or if you are thinking of installing more panels later, then you should go for crystalline.

Installation Ease

Installing solar panels can take a long time and this may be the most tedious part of buying solar panels. While both have the same relative installation difficulties, amorphous panels are slightly hard to install. These panels usually need more rails and take slightly longer to install.

Health Hazards

While solar panels are supposed to be eco-friendly, they can be made of toxic substances that can be harmful. Some amorphous solar panels are made from cadmium, which is known as a carcinogen. This does not represent all amorphous solar panels and you should be fine if you read up about the product before buying it.


One of the most important things about choosing a solar panel type is choosing the type that collects the most solar radiation. On average, both collect nearly the same amount of energy. However, crystalline panels do not collect as much energy in very hot environments.


Along with performance, durability is another major concern. Some solar panels may crack in very hot or cold conditions. This forces you to spend more money on new panels and keeps your house from collecting solar energy. Usually crystalline panels are more durable, though amorphous can be good in mild climates.


If you look at the two side by side you will notice that crystalline solar panels are the best on average. They take up less roof space, are usually more durable and they are often easier to install. While amorphous panels are very capable, they are just not quite as good as crystalline panels in many respects.

3 thoughts on “Which One is Better? Amorphous or Crystalline Solar Panel ?

  1. Bill Mysinger

    I think another consideration is the long term performance. Some panels have a greater degradation rate and this affects the cost benefit. I think that if one had the right, accurate information, then one could plot the total cost of ownership (TCO) between one style of panel and another, crystalline, amorphous and thin film. Other variables for a 20 year TCO comparison would be maintenance and space available (as mentioned above). Predictive payback periods versus current and predicted energy costs would also be an essential metric for the discerning buyer. After all, spending money in today’s dollars to buy free energy means spending less in future years dollars on power company energy and therefore the total cost of ownership becomes a total benefit of ownership much, much sooner.

  2. Osadolor,Julian

    Thank you very much for the explanations above it was very educating.
    From the explanation,will I be right to choose Amorphouse panel for a project in Nigeria because of the hot tempereture there?

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